Don’t’ Judge us. We are the untamed generation.

Of course you haven’t been a rebel and defied your parents when you were young. Of course you never went out of the line and broke rules. Of course you always were a part of the herd and never did things out of the common way. And if all of the above stated things are untrue then why corner the younger generation and label them. We are what we are. When you were never predictable then why want us to be the kind of people we are expected to be?  So stop judging us. We are what we are. And we are good this way.

The 50’s maverick

Rebellion is like a drug that infuses heat in the younger generation’s blood. It is like Gatorade that gives the young the required energy to innovate and improvise. It is the youth of the country who defines its fate. And so did the youth ofIndiain the 50s. They rebelled, defied the norms, and laid the foundation of this country much against the displeasure of powerful strengths. They were the first children of independentIndiaand chose to be the dominant ones.

The 70’s non conformist

Be it the Hare Rama Hare Krishna aka the hippie movement or the metamorphosis of a timid country to a fierce growing phenomenon, the 70’s saw the young bustle with energy. Like a juggernaut, change the face of socialism. From bell bottoms to bouffant, we embraced the change that hit us like a breath of fresh air. Not that you were not judged and disliked being judged. Then why turn the tables on us?

The 90’s rebel

While the older generation moved from rock and roll to ghazals, from beers to sipping bourbon, there blossomed the youth of a different age. With exposure to television and pizzas, there came a change real quick. Much more aware of the affairs of the world and genetically superior, this generation started of the rat race to Success.

The y2k generation or so we are called

We have tattoos, we love to party, we have our opinions but we are flexible. We believe in live-in relationships but also respect marriages. We love our country and want to change it for good. We love to dance and we love to get things done our way. We live in the fast paced internet highway and are still hungry for lot to come. So what?

The younger generation always commands and deserves respect. Does that mean we are irresponsible? No it does not. We believe in what we stand for. Too bad you don’t like it!