My Women Idol : A tribute to M2 Girls

Women’s Day, an occasion to celebrate, cherish and elevate the spirit of womanhood. Obviously, Magic Moments loves its women followers, referred to as the M2 Girls. They are strong, they are bold, they are powerful and they are Magic. No doubt, M2 fans took to their keyboards and typed-in every little word that could express their feelings for the My Women Idol contest. Woman’s day became a bit more special for each and every one of us.

A big Cheers to all the lovely ladies who won out there and for every M2 fan who participated with such wonderful show of enthusiasm. You guys rock!

Here are some of the best “My Women Idol” moments….

Eshita Khurana says,

“#MyWomenIdolis Everyone in this world has someone who means a lot to them. For me, the most important person in my life is my mom. My mom has inspired me in many ways. She is always guiding me to do the right thing; she supports me and my decisions and tells me to believe in myself. Therefore, my mom is the most important person for me.
The word “mother” means everything to me. I remember when I was little I would always be with my mom and she would always take care of me when I got sick. She taught me how to speak, read, and write sentences; and also taught me how to be a good person. When I did something wrong, she explained to me why I can’t do that. When I have problems with friends in school and I did not know who to talk with, she was the one I could open up to and tell her how I felt. She told me how to solve these conflicts and pointed out how the conflicts started in the first place. Ever since I could remember, my mom is everything for me; doctor, teacher, friend, guider, everything. If i’m something today. Just because, of my mom. She always tries to make a me better person in this world. If I would have a chance to be born again. I would have chosen to be again her child. I love you mom. You are the best mom”


Neelam Garg says,“#WomensDay #Contest #MyWomenIdolis Bollywood Diva who is an Ultimate Style Icon ,Miss Deepika Padukone.I am a small town girl with big dreams.My childhood years spent at my grandmother’s home in Rajasthan but I always used to dream that one day I will make it big just to make my parents proud.I was addicted to television and used to watch many serials and movies.My grandmother used to say “Are you Crazy Neelam,why didnt you focus on studies rather than watching TV the whole day” and I used to say “Daadi,If I didnt watch TV,how would I got to know about this world. Then I see a tall girl Deepika Padukone who is #compassionate, #loving and #patient ,making her debut in movie “Om Shanti Om” who is a daughter of famous Badminton player.I find my inspiration in her.She represents the modern Indian woman who are global Indians embodying an Indian essence with an international appeal – much like my muse, who is a modern urban girl who whilst challenging convention loves all things traditional, speaks her mind, is free spirited and adventurous.I get a lot of motivation whenever I see her on screen.I have become more confident than I used to be earlier just by watching her movies.She has not only inspired me but millions of Indian girls who thought that they are inferior to men.So ,this Women’s Day I would like to raise a toast in the name of Miss Deepika Padukone who,with her brilliant act has not only made a STRONG mark in Male Dominated Bollywood but also infused a much needed morale in Indian women.. A GRAND SALUTE to her..”


 Poonam Jadhav says,

#CONTEST #WomensDay #MyWomenIdolis my Mom Vinita Jadhav. Her aura is such that nobody can ignore her presence. She is traditional yet modern, fragile yet strong, vulnerable yet bold, soft yet blunt, she is the fusion of the two extremes. She is an emblem of beauty, an enigma that harbors infinite thoughts and emotions. She has the power to appreciate the finer things in life whether simple or complicated. She is the most strongest person existing till now in my life and there’s no way others can compare her. She has been a person who never showed me the way, instead taught me how to search for it myself. She has created an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything, in one person. And that person is my Mom. She has inspired me to do better in life and guided me all throughout. My Mom has always been there for me, in good times as well as my bad times. She is my angel on earth, the silver lining around my clouds, and she is, with no comparison needed, the very best Mom with which I could ever hope to be blessed. The true essence of “Quality of Thought and Stillness of Being” is what I found in her. Words will never be enough to say how much I love her yet I want to say that she is the most precious woman in my life and will always be. If she lives to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so that I never have to live without her. Dissolving problems like the setting sun, helping me see beyond my goal, patting my back when I need it the most, guiding me in the most unthinkable many memorable moments, One Rockstar..My Mom. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for that she has done for me..!!


Ajay Khaitan says,

Magic Moments #MyWomenIdolis is my mother. She inspired and guide me a lot, she always taught me to Always be honest and positive in your life.She always ready to solve my any problem and always encouraging for me.I am lucky to have mother like her. Thanks Mom and Happy Women’s day.


Aarthi Priyadarshini says,

#MyWomenIdoli My woman idol is my mother because She spent her life serving her family. She used to solve every tough situation smoothly. She is an independent women who took the whole responsibility of the family. And she is a good guider of me. She always thinks wise and do things positively. Magic Moments


Banu Raghavan says,

#WomansDay My Mom is my Idol woman because she is an important women in my life, I am 50 and single and My dad 93 in Bed and my mom 83, I am serving for senior citizens, Physically challenged and autism children and needy patients(cancer- at present I am serving my co-sister who is undergoing chemo), I did not wish to marry,, but people started abusing me from behind saying I was ABSHAKUN and I should not be allowed to enter any ones house or allow to touch their children. so I cried a lot :”( ,and told my mom, she said you should not worry for such things you are serving not only your parents, but also Senior citizens and physically challenged , Its gods gift to you. Ignore the ones who abuse you, my child.So she inspired me to be powerful women I will continue serving till the end. Thank You so much


Abad Syed says,

#Womansday for inspiration, motivation, professional guidance,I owe my sincere thanks to my mom without whom I will be nowhere. From my existence in this earth till now,there is not a single day I have not talked with my mom and at every step she advised me and also motivate me to take own decision to get the job done…..happy womens day to my mom,my world


Payal Patel says,

#MyWomenIdolis My childhood friend Paresha Parekh has inspired like no one else could. She lost her father at a very young age and so started taking tuitions with her mother to support the family. Unfortunately lost her mother also and was the sole earning member of the family educating two siblings. Suffered a bad marriage. Later when her brother got married and took away all the property and house from her and her sister, she started again from scratch and is now working in the head office of a leading bank and living a respectful life. I salute her for the strength and courage shown by her. She still smiles and lives happily. She is definitely an inspiration to everyone who knows her! Glad to have such a woman in my life.


Sujata Biswas says,

 #MyWomenIdolis All women are powerful and mine is my mother. She raised me, educated me and show me how to be a woman. She has always amazed me with her determination and her strength. She is the one who brings joy to our family by simply being herself. She shows her caring with a word of support, she is strong, beautiful, compassionate & much more than words could ever say. Her shoulder is strong enough to carry the weight of our family, yet gentle enough to give comfort. She is a beautiful woman in heart, my best friend and a wonderful mother. Thank you Mom for making our home the loveliest place on earth & making me a woman in this life. I wish I continue to be like you in my life. I am a woman, I was born complete.


Wonderful. Keep participating. Keep celebrating. Cheers to all.

A Treasure Hunt under the Sea

Things to do before you die

Treasure Hunt under the sea


A union jack, one-eyed pirate, creaking boat and a stormy weather. Does it ring any sort of bells? No, we are not talking about any scene from Pirates Of the Caribbean movie. We are talking about treasure hunt, something we all have fantasized in and around our lives, especially during the childhood. Hence, this ongoing hunt for pearls, diamonds and golden bricks under the sea bed is being tagged as one “definite” thing to do before you die.


The sea bed is a vast accumulation of flora and fauna. You can find the most aggressive and egoistic sharks to the laziest turtles and of course, the jelly fishes that can give you electric shocks worth 10,000 volts. It is also a home to the most beautiful plants and coral reefs that can simply hypnotize you as soon as you see them. However, our attention is purely at the hidden ornaments that sank with the sinking ships.


Unless you are Bear Grylls from the famous Man vs Wild series, you won’t find anything normal. Either hunger will take its toll, or the constantly changing water temperature, things won’t be easy anyway. Swimming is pretty difficult under extreme conditions since water pressure at a certain depth becomes higher than the pressure you face from your boss or at workplace. We suggest you to buy a huge submarine to make sure you survive the pressure or hire it from some sea pirate. Make sure the sea pirate doesn’t accompany you on your adventure. He is a pirate, don’t forget.

The awesome sea bed

The aquatic life is amazing


Hence, note down the below mentioned to-do’s and not-to-do’s so you can actually accomplish your “thing” you want to do before you die:


  • Carry a compass – This is the biggest necessity. Google maps won’t work under the sea neither would your cellphone. And don’t ever try to ask the way from a stingray or a shark. For them, sea is a hotel and you are the food. Nothing else.
  • Oxygen supply – Carry oxygen supply in adequate amounts. You don’t want an octopus running after you when you are out of breathe. Imagine the little fishes as audience, cheering for you and screaming “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  • Know the Ship-Wreck - Since you are so greedy, you won’t discuss your trip with anyone. Hence, nobody would know where you have disappeared. Be intelligent and conduct full research of the ship wreck that you are going to explore for treasures. Swim down straight to the spot, explore and when greed betrays you, swim up.


We really appreciate your fantasy of finding treasure under the sea. The biggest possibility is that you will definitely become a good story-teller to your grand children, if not a rich man. Again, make sure you avoid bites from predators under the sea. All the very best for the journey ahead. Hasta-la-vista.


More of the sea

Ready for the treasure hunt?

Pack your bags for the outdoor

When temperatures drop and snow falls, campsites become less crowded. The fear of being cold keeps even avid campers bundled up indoors on winter nights. But there is no reason to keep yourself locked up all winter.

I personally believe that the winters are the best time to camp. The heat has kept all of us sedentary for the past 5-6 months, barely letting us get outside. The worst thing we could possibly do would be charge out the door on a camping trip. After that, we’d just be stuck inside for at least 3 days due to a heat stroke!

Outdoor Preparation

With the right gear, any winter trip can be fun and comfortable. Here are some tips.

● Ask Your Doctor – Before you start any physical activity filled holiday – since that’s what the outdoors are about, you really should get a doctor’s blessing. If you’ve been inactive for awhile, your doctor may recommend other programs or preventive measures.

● Enjoy It – Camping is recreation, which means it’s supposed to be fun. Take your trips someplace clean and green that you can enjoy.


After these two necessary preparations, you need to start packing.

● An Emergency Box is essential: When you prepare for a camping trip you should always have supplies available for coping with disaster – natural or otherwise. Your emergency box should contain:

○ Flashlights with batteries

○ Wooden matches and a lighter

○ Basic tools- screwdrivers, a hammer, and a camp knife are critical

○ A first aid kit

● Pack an appropriate amount of food, basically lots of butter: Laugh all you want, but an ample supply of butter is the best way to stay warm in the winter. Drop a tablespoon in your breakfast and another one in your dinner. As unappetizing as it sounds, the calories and fat in the butter are exactly what your body needs to stay warm all day and night. Carry enough for three meals and an optional snack per day. Try not to pack too many perishable food items, like cheese, chicken, and milk. Basically, try to avoid dairy products and meat, because they can make you sick if you eat them when they go bad. Trail mix is great for snacks, fruit for breakfast and crackers for lunch, and leftovers for dinner.

● Ultra-warm sleeping bag: When it comes to curl up and close your eyes the sleeping bag is responsible to keep you toasty. You don’t want a huge sleeping bag, which lets in air. Keep it your size.

● A warm tent: The other piece of gear, which will keep you warm at night is your tent. The winter tents need to have minimal ventilation mesh to keep cold out. They are also stronger to battle the winds.

● A big puffy coat: To stay warm when you’re just standing around, you need a big puffy coat. Something large to fit over all your other layers.

● An enormous backpack: Since you need more layers of clothes and space for your sleeping bag, buy a huge backpack. Your summer one will not do. Do not stuff it; you don’t want it to tear.

● A thermos: Keep your water warm. A thermos will stop your water or coffee and tea from freezing.


Camping in the cold can be a challenge, but with the right gear and preparation even the coldest night can be enjoyable, especially if you have someone to cuddle with.



5 Guilty Pleasures

What are guilty pleasures really? The Urban dictionary says that a guilty pleasure is something that we shouldn’t like, but we like anyway. I think this is contradiction in terms. If we really like doing something, we shouldn’t feel guilty about it, right? I agree that superficial pleasures cannot bring us lasting fulfilment, but making room for the occasional indulgence may do us more good than we realise.

So, instead of describing my five guilty pleasures, I will talk about five guilty pleasures you should stop feeling guilty about.

1. Soaps on television: Apart from pure entertainment value, TV soaps can provide comfort and reassurance, and they sometimes even have educational value (even if the lessons are mostly limited to “what not to do”). As much as these shows may seem woefully out of touch with reality, they do often capture universal human emotions that we can all relate to, particularly the pain of rejection, failure, and humiliation. We’re drawn to trainwrecks in part because we see ourselves in them. Witnessing others’ suffering, though upsetting to watch, reminds us that we’re not alone in our personal suffering, a feeling that psychologists refer to as common humanity. These shows also provide opportunities for vicarious joy, as witnessing other people overcome obstacles and succeed in the end can give us hope and inspiration.

2. Sleep: Somehow this fundamental biological need has become a guilty pleasure for many people, who feel ashamed of needing naps or failing to stay up late on a weekend night. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” seems to be the mantra of my generation, though ironically not sleeping can decrease longevity. Sleepiness while driving, for example, can dramatically increase the risk of accidents. When your body tells you it’s time to sleep, there is no shame in listening, even if it’s 3p.m. on a Monday. A good night’s (and day’s) sleep is definitely something you can knock off your guilt list.

3. Gossip: For everyone who has ever resolved to avoid gossip, but then found themselves unable to resist whispering about someone else’s business, take heart: recent research suggests that gossip serves an important social function, and that gossipers may actually have others’ best interests in mind. In their studies, the researchers found that a majority of participants were willing to anonymously divulge incriminating information about another participant’s bad behaviour if this information would help a third participant avoid becoming a victim, even if they had to pay to do it. This kind of gossip is useful in that it holds offenders accountable and protects innocent people from exploitation by toxic friends, unfaithful romantic partners, or corrupt employers. Of course, not all gossip is altruistic. Spreading false rumours or bringing someone down out of jealousy, spite, or prejudice is unlikely to help anyone–or bring you much genuine pleasure.

4. Sex: Premarital sex, though not accepted in our society, is not unheard of anymore. We all have our guilty sexual pleasures, those things that make us feel oh so good, but also oh so bad at the same time. Is it something one should not do or feel guilty about? I am not so sure. It is after all a basic instinct in every human being and as long as you are being careful about protection, it’s alright. It is a beautiful act one shares with someone special, and listening to your heart is surely the way to go. Refraining will only cause sadness and regret later. According to recent study, sex directly affects happiness. A good sex life leads to happiness everywhere else. So, don’t feel guilty, follow your instincts!

5. Junk food: How many times have you seen the word “chocolate” linked with “sin”? Junk food (and drink) is the ultimate guilty pleasure, and unfortunately the guilt often outweighs the pleasure, which in turn may lead us to further indulge. By this I mean, how many of us decide to go on a diet but so often end up breaking it. Isn’t it easier to just eat in moderation? We tend to get so caught up in the morality of overeating (and the virtue of restraint) that we forget to pay attention to our bodies’ signals–they will usually tell us when we’re eaten enough. Furthermore, many so-called comfort foods are comforting for a reason. Many comfort foods contain chemicals that increase our serotonin levels, making us feel calm and happy. So eat away, just avoid overeating.

So, take the guilt out of your guilty pleasures and enjoy them.

Journey of M2

Party, celebration and Vodka….! All we need is a good shot to let loose, reason may be many, from promotions, appraisals or simply because its weekend! We at Magic Moments believe in making life enjoyable, and what’s better than good friends and your very own Magic Moments. Not to forget in the past seven years of our existence, thanks to you we have grown manifolds year after year.

 Where it All began-

In the year 2005, Radico Khaitan LTD. launched ‘Magic Moments’ with a goal of developing a perfect blend of quality and affordability. Our state of art manufacturing procedure includes  triple distilled grain spirit to create the perfect blend. Magic Moments was launched with an imagery associated with fun, excitement, youth, energy,  and excitement. The essential idea was, of a drink which is not merely for the young but the ‘young at heart’. And here we are, with an attractive packaging speaking it all, a superb frosted bottle adorned with a see through guitar window giving a glimpse of the underwater. No wonder it’s the first of its kind in India!

Hrithik and M2-

Hrithik Roshan, whose charismatic personality reminds of success, the real spirit of adventure and achievement, was a clear choice to highlight the magical moments of fun and frolic in the journey of life. For the real moments from romance to proving oneself to the firsts like first salary, first promotion etc, the name in itself is associated with a life full of ‘Magic’. His radiant personality is a perfect fit for the young energy of ‘Magic Moments’.


Awards and Recognition-

When it comes to awards and laurels Magic Moments has bagged it all! Magic Moments has earned critical appreciations like the Monde Selection Gold consecutively for four years, International Wine & Spirits Competition and many more.


M2 Remix-

After the grand success of ‘Magic Moments Regular’ there was no stopping. We extended our exquisite range through the launch of ‘Magic Moments Remix’ in 2008. The launch of 6 flavours has offered an exciting new style of vodka and managed to gain a lot of fans.


M2 Chocolate for the magical aroma that gives you a satiating experience…M2Orange that bursts into the fresh flavours for a refreshing feel……M2 Green apple another unexpectedly fun flavour that offers a fresh cool tangy feel…..M2 Ginger lemongrass an amalgamation of the strong ginger flavour and the subtle freshness of lemongrass.. M2 lemon gives the you the real flavour of fresh cut lemons..While M2 raspberry its fun, its fruity raspberry flavoured to gear ur mood for some real thrill and magic…


So next time you are in a company of friends and your very own ‘Magic Moments’ remember Life is all about the Magic and, It’s your life after all!!!

Don’t’ Judge us. We are the untamed generation.

Of course you haven’t been a rebel and defied your parents when you were young. Of course you never went out of the line and broke rules. Of course you always were a part of the herd and never did things out of the common way. And if all of the above stated things are untrue then why corner the younger generation and label them. We are what we are. When you were never predictable then why want us to be the kind of people we are expected to be?  So stop judging us. We are what we are. And we are good this way.

The 50’s maverick

Rebellion is like a drug that infuses heat in the younger generation’s blood. It is like Gatorade that gives the young the required energy to innovate and improvise. It is the youth of the country who defines its fate. And so did the youth ofIndiain the 50s. They rebelled, defied the norms, and laid the foundation of this country much against the displeasure of powerful strengths. They were the first children of independentIndiaand chose to be the dominant ones.

The 70’s non conformist

Be it the Hare Rama Hare Krishna aka the hippie movement or the metamorphosis of a timid country to a fierce growing phenomenon, the 70’s saw the young bustle with energy. Like a juggernaut, change the face of socialism. From bell bottoms to bouffant, we embraced the change that hit us like a breath of fresh air. Not that you were not judged and disliked being judged. Then why turn the tables on us?

The 90’s rebel

While the older generation moved from rock and roll to ghazals, from beers to sipping bourbon, there blossomed the youth of a different age. With exposure to television and pizzas, there came a change real quick. Much more aware of the affairs of the world and genetically superior, this generation started of the rat race to Success.

The y2k generation or so we are called

We have tattoos, we love to party, we have our opinions but we are flexible. We believe in live-in relationships but also respect marriages. We love our country and want to change it for good. We love to dance and we love to get things done our way. We live in the fast paced internet highway and are still hungry for lot to come. So what?

The younger generation always commands and deserves respect. Does that mean we are irresponsible? No it does not. We believe in what we stand for. Too bad you don’t like it!


Have we made a bucket list of what movies make us happy and change our living pattern?As regular movie goers we adore to view different movies. Some tickle our bones, some plush the sad wave in us and some chill our spines too! What makes movies so engrossing to the audience? It’s their connectivity towards life! We see ourselves in different character patterns and that’s what makes us remember great movies. So here is a mixture of different cinema including the greatest movies from Hollywood and Bollywood to keep the spirit alive in us. The ten best movies we must watch in order to experience the ‘magic moments’.


1) The Truman Show – An insurance salesman/adjuster played by utter comic Jim Carrey who discovers his entire life as a TV show. Power packed hilarious performance by the Truman, finds beautiful connectivity towards the audience in this movie. The Director Peter Weir has taken out real life incidents in form of Jim’s character to jubilate the touch of human interface.





2) Sholay – One of the longest running ‘entertainers’ of Indian cinema .The characterisation fits the grip of the screenplay. Bollywood was ruled by awesome characters such as Gabbar, Thakur, Basanti, Jai and Veeru who still fulfill the jolly vibe of those times. Dialogue writing of Indian cinema was diametrically redefined by duo ‘Salim-Javed’. Director ‘Ramesh Sippy’ blends a perfect mix of acting performances and exquisite shot taking. We never forget to share sms or jokes on this movie that tickle our bones.




3) Andaaz Apna Apna – This flick makes way hound happiness go places. The utter amazing comedy flick ever made by Rajkumar Santoshi embarks its exuberant journey via different characters. Two young lads portrayed by Amir Khan and Salman Khan trying everything to get rich quickly and the amalgamation of love and slapstick represent a hilarious comedy in front of the audience. The characters like ‘Crime Master Gogo’ and ‘Teja’ essayed by Shakti Kapoor and PareshRawalrespectively, are still remembered.




4) Dil Chahta Hai – This movie presents an unparalleled ‘live life’ commensalism. What youth expects from love, life and family has been stringed with brilliance by Director Farhan Akhtar. Cinematography and Screenplay represent modern understanding and elasticity in the changing mind-sets.  The joy of youth and love life are subtly embedded in the screenplay. A must watch if you are ‘single’ and ready to ‘mingle’ but is there any ‘tingle’ ?





5) Lage Raho Munnabhai–Munnabhai’s sequel emerged as a huge hit amongst every class of audience. From ‘dadagiri’ turning into ‘gandhigiri’ was a transformer of thoughts for everyone. This movie made us learn so much about ethnicity of respect towards people and employment statures. Beautifully written verses like ‘get well soon’ in context of ‘raghupati raghav rajaram’ revised our ‘father’s’ verses thoroughly in a humorous manner. Great script by Director ‘Rajkumar Hirani’ gripped audience to mixed emotional ride. This movie turned out to be a trend setter in modern cult cinema.






6) 3 Idiots – The mentioned film grossed upon career limitations of modern day youth. ‘Do what you like to’ was a single statement conveyed through this film. No boundations on choosing careers and pressure build up should be there by peers or by parents. Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi found a breakthrough to audience’s heart and made retrogressive impact through their writing skills. Amir Khan, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi scrambled their intact skills to liberate ‘all iss well’ through their smart acting ventures. Cinematography though deserves to be at the peak.





7) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Title aptly conveys ‘you will not get a second lifetime’. ZNMD makes perfusion of life into our body. Three friends planning bachelor’s trip to Spain in order to avoid workaholism . Power packed writing by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti plus the ground out performances by ‘Hrithik Roshan’, ‘Abhay Deol’ & ‘Farhan Akhtar’ make this golden movie glitter in every aspect. Be liberal with no compromises and balanced life charter completes its circle through this movie. A scenically adorable movie compiled with commercial success is portrayed by ZNMD.






8) Lagaan–This Bollywood movie makes us go haywire with emotions; sometimes good and sometimes not so good. The setback of this movie takes us to British colonial rule when farmers fight for the ‘taxation’ imposed on them through a cricket match eventually beating the British. Director AshutoshGowarikar has managed to symbolise different cricketing characters to their amusing best. Amir Khan playing the lead character as ‘Bhuvan’ secured National Award for his top soaring performance. This Indie-British mixture needs a longtime appreciation.





9) Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar–This film has been the most amazing High School Bollywood film ever. The competition between two schools and their virtues are threaded so beautifully that each of us never fails to appreciate it. Director Mansoor Khan’s unique concept of ‘high school love’ worked so well with the music that created a lot of hype. ‘Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar’ truly deserves its top spot in best Bollywood love songs ever made. Rich and rag rivalry through the school model has been grit fully packaged in the film.






10) Man On The Moon–One of best comedy flicks of Hollywood, which finds itself on the top to be maniacally funny. This film is about the life and career of the eccentric avant-garde comedian, Andy Kaufman. Jim Carrey never misses a chance to make audience ripple with laughter. Director ‘Milos Forman’ has kept the plot so simple and connecting that audience lives with another man on the screen that accompanies them with his funny acts.

’2012′ Live Unlimited

The calendar never stops turning its pages and years come and pass by. Every year, we celebrate party, drinks dance and make merry. Then the rest of days are busy cribbing about how boring our lives are and how mundane is our time table. We make resolutions and break them giving excuses that they are meant to be broken. But what we really do is live each year like the previous one. Without much meaning. Without much action. We spend hours planning our goals and pretty much everything ends up with the same fate; incomplete. So may be this year, that carries such historical significance of being the year when the earth will come to an end, it is time we do things differently.

Don’t make plans

Let’s start with not making any concrete plans for anything. Every time there is plan, it mostly ends up being a piece of paper in the dustbin or a file that only stays in the drafts. So the first thing that you need to do this year is not make any plans. Let it come to you. Let life surprise you. This year, let life take its own course. You will see probably the universe has a better plan for you.


Live your passion

How many ideas have you been stalling all your life for the next year? I am sure many. So probably it’s time for you to not stall those ideas and live your passion. Do anything that you have wanted to do for many years but were not able to because of so called plans. Take a vacation to those Virgin Islands or simply take a mountaineering course. But just do it. If you don’t live your passion, who will?


Explore the unexplored

Come face to face with that side of life which you have never seen. Find out things about yourself and people around you whom you never knew even existed. Meet new people. Travel to new destinations. Explore the world that you have less known in the past. Don’t go to popular tourist destinations but travel to unexplored lands like magnolia and Cambodia and Fiji. Find out what their culture has to offer.

Make use of this year the most. Do things that you have never done. Live every moment like you never have. For neither this time, nor this year will come back again.

You know you are hot when smoke starts coming. So dress up to be the hottest in a party.

 When was the last time you made the heads at party turn? When was the last time you took everyone’s breath away the moment you walked into the room full of party people? When was the last time you were asked by more than 3 people for your phone number as the party started warming up? Well! If you have not been doing any of that for some time, then probably you need to do some style-searching.

With the winters arriving and the party scene getting hotter by the day, it is time you pull out the best you have. Scorch the floor with some sequin tops, mix and match skirts and colorful boots. Don’t be too loud but just enough color with the help of gaudy tops that can just highlight the look and make you like a firecracker on a dark winter night.

For all those guys who are trying to make every girl in a party sit up and notice them, should try out an irresistible and smoking hot look of a boy next door with an extra dosage of charm. Another great combination is a Chinese collared shirt with a cardigan and army boots. A ruffled hair and may be a big watch would make you a hot property in the party circuit.

If that doesn’t make you hot then surely this will. Scarves and big chunky handbags will do the magic for you. Pick up the richest boldest colors and throw in some sparkles and butterflies in the form of accessories. Topi also known as hats (by the angrez) is also a great accessory for guys to add that much desired bling. So be stylish, be fun, and be the hottest property on the party circuit with some coolest wardrobe tips.


Diwali is a night full of fun, fervor, and most importantly happiness. Never ending parties are a must to enjoy Diwali to the fullest. How can we miss out on giving you the best Diwali Party ideas which will transform the moment and the ambience into SOMETHING MAGICAL! Take it away…..
The first on the list is a Pool Card Party at a farmhouse. Can be organized on one of the beautiful chilly pre Diwali evenings, a card party around the pool seems a bit weird…but that is the twist! With portable fire places, beautifully lit up plants around the pool and lower seating arrangement around the pool, you sure to be a rockstar and earn kudos for creating that perfect ambience. Diyas can be lit all around the pool and the evening would turn magical when the Magical remixes will become part of the evening. It’s like a Hawain theme party with a touch of tradition.
Another rocking idea could be Party on the Rooftop of your apartment/ balcony. Lots of scented candles creating a magical environment and each guest can be welcomed to light a candle. Instead of playing Bollywood or psychedelic numbers, a Rajasthani folk troupe can perform some memorable folk music. All in all, a magical night, where folk and fusion seems to be in complete harmony creating magic all the way. M2 cocktails can also be given a desi twist like a Kala Khatta M2 Remix or an Aam Panna M2 Remix!
The third and the last interesting Diwali party will have to be a Card Party with a Vegas Twist to it. Creating a roulette table with help of pins and card board and painting it with numbers is a part of the grand evening. Apart from that there can be separate tables laid out for black jack and poker. People dancing, playing cards, having fun all night along with some of the best M2 cocktails specially prepared for the night….Sounds awesome isn’t it!
So if you want to have fun this Diwali, think something away from the usual. Make the best use of M2 ideas and party to ZING UP THIS Diwali.