’2012′ Live Unlimited

The calendar never stops turning its pages and years come and pass by. Every year, we celebrate party, drinks dance and make merry. Then the rest of days are busy cribbing about how boring our lives are and how mundane is our time table. We make resolutions and break them giving excuses that they are meant to be broken. But what we really do is live each year like the previous one. Without much meaning. Without much action. We spend hours planning our goals and pretty much everything ends up with the same fate; incomplete. So may be this year, that carries such historical significance of being the year when the earth will come to an end, it is time we do things differently.

Don’t make plans

Let’s start with not making any concrete plans for anything. Every time there is plan, it mostly ends up being a piece of paper in the dustbin or a file that only stays in the drafts. So the first thing that you need to do this year is not make any plans. Let it come to you. Let life surprise you. This year, let life take its own course. You will see probably the universe has a better plan for you.


Live your passion

How many ideas have you been stalling all your life for the next year? I am sure many. So probably it’s time for you to not stall those ideas and live your passion. Do anything that you have wanted to do for many years but were not able to because of so called plans. Take a vacation to those Virgin Islands or simply take a mountaineering course. But just do it. If you don’t live your passion, who will?


Explore the unexplored

Come face to face with that side of life which you have never seen. Find out things about yourself and people around you whom you never knew even existed. Meet new people. Travel to new destinations. Explore the world that you have less known in the past. Don’t go to popular tourist destinations but travel to unexplored lands like magnolia and Cambodia and Fiji. Find out what their culture has to offer.

Make use of this year the most. Do things that you have never done. Live every moment like you never have. For neither this time, nor this year will come back again.