You know you are hot when smoke starts coming. So dress up to be the hottest in a party.

 When was the last time you made the heads at party turn? When was the last time you took everyone’s breath away the moment you walked into the room full of party people? When was the last time you were asked by more than 3 people for your phone number as the party started warming up? Well! If you have not been doing any of that for some time, then probably you need to do some style-searching.

With the winters arriving and the party scene getting hotter by the day, it is time you pull out the best you have. Scorch the floor with some sequin tops, mix and match skirts and colorful boots. Don’t be too loud but just enough color with the help of gaudy tops that can just highlight the look and make you like a firecracker on a dark winter night.

For all those guys who are trying to make every girl in a party sit up and notice them, should try out an irresistible and smoking hot look of a boy next door with an extra dosage of charm. Another great combination is a Chinese collared shirt with a cardigan and army boots. A ruffled hair and may be a big watch would make you a hot property in the party circuit.

If that doesn’t make you hot then surely this will. Scarves and big chunky handbags will do the magic for you. Pick up the richest boldest colors and throw in some sparkles and butterflies in the form of accessories. Topi also known as hats (by the angrez) is also a great accessory for guys to add that much desired bling. So be stylish, be fun, and be the hottest property on the party circuit with some coolest wardrobe tips.