Diwali is a night full of fun, fervor, and most importantly happiness. Never ending parties are a must to enjoy Diwali to the fullest. How can we miss out on giving you the best Diwali Party ideas which will transform the moment and the ambience into SOMETHING MAGICAL! Take it away…..
The first on the list is a Pool Card Party at a farmhouse. Can be organized on one of the beautiful chilly pre Diwali evenings, a card party around the pool seems a bit weird…but that is the twist! With portable fire places, beautifully lit up plants around the pool and lower seating arrangement around the pool, you sure to be a rockstar and earn kudos for creating that perfect ambience. Diyas can be lit all around the pool and the evening would turn magical when the Magical remixes will become part of the evening. It’s like a Hawain theme party with a touch of tradition.
Another rocking idea could be Party on the Rooftop of your apartment/ balcony. Lots of scented candles creating a magical environment and each guest can be welcomed to light a candle. Instead of playing Bollywood or psychedelic numbers, a Rajasthani folk troupe can perform some memorable folk music. All in all, a magical night, where folk and fusion seems to be in complete harmony creating magic all the way. M2 cocktails can also be given a desi twist like a Kala Khatta M2 Remix or an Aam Panna M2 Remix!
The third and the last interesting Diwali party will have to be a Card Party with a Vegas Twist to it. Creating a roulette table with help of pins and card board and painting it with numbers is a part of the grand evening. Apart from that there can be separate tables laid out for black jack and poker. People dancing, playing cards, having fun all night along with some of the best M2 cocktails specially prepared for the night….Sounds awesome isn’t it!
So if you want to have fun this Diwali, think something away from the usual. Make the best use of M2 ideas and party to ZING UP THIS Diwali.