A Treasure Hunt under the Sea

Things to do before you die

Treasure Hunt under the sea


A union jack, one-eyed pirate, creaking boat and a stormy weather. Does it ring any sort of bells? No, we are not talking about any scene from Pirates Of the Caribbean movie. We are talking about treasure hunt, something we all have fantasized in and around our lives, especially during the childhood. Hence, this ongoing hunt for pearls, diamonds and golden bricks under the sea bed is being tagged as one “definite” thing to do before you die.


The sea bed is a vast accumulation of flora and fauna. You can find the most aggressive and egoistic sharks to the laziest turtles and of course, the jelly fishes that can give you electric shocks worth 10,000 volts. It is also a home to the most beautiful plants and coral reefs that can simply hypnotize you as soon as you see them. However, our attention is purely at the hidden ornaments that sank with the sinking ships.


Unless you are Bear Grylls from the famous Man vs Wild series, you won’t find anything normal. Either hunger will take its toll, or the constantly changing water temperature, things won’t be easy anyway. Swimming is pretty difficult under extreme conditions since water pressure at a certain depth becomes higher than the pressure you face from your boss or at workplace. We suggest you to buy a huge submarine to make sure you survive the pressure or hire it from some sea pirate. Make sure the sea pirate doesn’t accompany you on your adventure. He is a pirate, don’t forget.

The awesome sea bed

The aquatic life is amazing


Hence, note down the below mentioned to-do’s and not-to-do’s so you can actually accomplish your “thing” you want to do before you die:


  • Carry a compass – This is the biggest necessity. Google maps won’t work under the sea neither would your cellphone. And don’t ever try to ask the way from a stingray or a shark. For them, sea is a hotel and you are the food. Nothing else.
  • Oxygen supply – Carry oxygen supply in adequate amounts. You don’t want an octopus running after you when you are out of breathe. Imagine the little fishes as audience, cheering for you and screaming “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  • Know the Ship-Wreck - Since you are so greedy, you won’t discuss your trip with anyone. Hence, nobody would know where you have disappeared. Be intelligent and conduct full research of the ship wreck that you are going to explore for treasures. Swim down straight to the spot, explore and when greed betrays you, swim up.


We really appreciate your fantasy of finding treasure under the sea. The biggest possibility is that you will definitely become a good story-teller to your grand children, if not a rich man. Again, make sure you avoid bites from predators under the sea. All the very best for the journey ahead. Hasta-la-vista.


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